That’s what my mother just suggested, for herself. So I live with my husband and daughter, Daughter is a teenage girl but she’s a very smart teenage girl. Oh and my mother, She lives with us too…relatively recent development. Three months or so in now, and I think I’m very close to the limit. She’s going to have to go, very soon.
Tonight while I was in the kitchen cooking tea, she was on the sofa, chattering to herself. She does that when she’s stressed, or happy, or fucking conscious if I’m being very honest. Talking to herself, singing to herself, having full on debates with herself….. Yes, she has mental issues, Yes we’re trying to address them. No, that isn’t easy. Anyway I digress…. at the moment she’s stressed, because she has no tobacco and nothing else to smoke….She has a roof, a home, support, food, warmth….things she hasn’t had in a long long time….But she needs something to smoke. She lost all the ecigs she has been given and bought in the last month, 3 of them…she’s talented. She didn’t get money that she expected to today, despite us telling her she wouldn’t….and she can’t find my grandmothers gold rings to pawn them.
Yes, she tried.
Later, after eating, I am told that ┬áher stress muttering she suggested idly to herself that she could, in fact walk down to the lorry depot that isn’t too far away and offer handjobs and head for money. FOR TOBACCO!
She has been told that she is out of her fucking mind to even be saying those things OUT LOUD where a teenage girl could wander in at any moment, let alone even think them!! So it has been dealt with before I was even aware it had happened…and I appreciate that but now I am aware. I’m also aware that she will act on her self deprecating, addict fueled behaviour now that the idea is that addled little brain of hers, likely tomorrow if she doesn’t receive money. Nothing I can do about it….But I won’t have a prostitute living in my home.
At the moment she knows she is supposed to be making moves to get out of here as soon as possible…and I will prompt her again tomorrow to go into the housing offices…after her Addicts Anon meeting…I shit you not. But if I find out that she’s whoring I’ll expedite the process.
Now where do I enter this for the most depressing first blog ever?

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