Almost normal…

Okay normal might be a far-away dream right now for my day to day life. But considering the way things have been recently with mum living here…today has at least not made me shake with pure rage. I could get used to that!!

She’s done selfish, sneaky things as always and she has of course lied to me more times than I can count on one hand…But they didn’t get so out of control that they dominated the entire day. I can actually look back through today and remember not so bad things, and just for a change I’ll tell you those soon.

I do first have to just mention the main issue she caused today, so that you don’t all think this is a false entry by an impostor? For me to not bitch a little…..unheard of!

The nutshell version is…The end of the week is husbands birthday….Today she was supposed to stay in the house and wait for things being delivered for his birthday. She understood the importance of us not missing that delivery, and assured us she would not go anywhere.

I have mentioned my husbands anxieties, because of these we have cameras showing our living room, and front door which he can access when not at home…to make sure the house is still there and there’s no-one in his spot….Dr. Sheldon cooper style. I’m not joking.

Anyway, We weren’t gone out of the house for half an hour when I had a conversation with someone else, at which point he just wanted to check the living room…see what she was doing. She was out of the house….which meant that because we could not miss the delivery without the biggest panic attack you can imagine followed by more stress than you would even believe….So we had to come back, right then.

She was asked later, she tried to lie. We explained ….we had seen the timings and everything on the cameras. She just responded with….”Well did you miss the delivery?”

Not even an attempt to apologize!

ANYWAY, The good things from today were I got to spent a little time at my allotment…I love that place and can’t wait until I’m in a head-space where I can write about it….endlessly! Yesterday I had a new (to me) shed put up and today we were going to be re-covering the roof…..You just read why that went sideways….but even getting to let my husband see the shed was nice. It was warm, very sunny and we did at least take a few things down with us which are now stored there….One of those things was a tub of shed-paint….So I can at least paint that up soon.

Little things, I don’t ask for much!


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