Snowman in July 

That’s what I wore today,  a tshirt with a snowman on it that  I bought before Christmas to wear on Christmas day when, within three minutes of arriving at the in-laws I took off my stupid jumper. We don’t have a Christmas jumper tradition or anything, it was just a joke  this year. 

Anyway the point is, I had no intention of leaving the house whatsoever today. I was going to do laundry and some general tidying up. Getting the table ready for girlfriend to set up her computer when she visits this weekend… That sort of thing. 

But I haven’t. I have done nothing all day. Until late in the afternoon I didn’t even have an appetite. While  I had  a desire for the tidying to get done,  the will and physical energy to get up and do any of it was utterly elusive.  I’ve felt… Bleh, all day. 

I had a lazy day, and even  though  I know that’s fine and   I’m allowed to I feel shit for it.  I hate being grumpy and moody  when I don’t know or understand the source of it, I know it’ll be clear to me in a day or two but until then I just feel annoyed at myself for letting emotions I can’t even explain get the better of my day. 

Just   one of those mini slumps, everyone has them, right?  It’ll be past it tomorrow, I hope. 


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