From corner to corner,  pulled outwards and stretched beyond the capacity to stay whole or complete.

ragged crevasse forming in its top edging, becoming  two interlacing lines of white sharp mountains.

Keeping it’s secrets  now less coherently, they are spread everywhere in an attempt to destroy them.

Colourless Confetti without a joyous occasion to celebrate, released into the dark-blue black hole that is paper recycling.

That was just the first one, but I tell you when you start to rip up letters, you just keep going. It’s cathartic and especially as a break from the more serious spring cleaning you’ve found yourself in the middle of.

I’ve mentioned a few times my husband has some anxieties, part of that means that we don’t throw away letters with any sort of personal information on without ripping them up…. So it’s great to get a stack and do them all at once.

I was organising the table today so that girlfriend has somewhere to set up her laptop and  mostly  that meant putting my crafting things where they belong but it also meant having myself a little paper-shredding party.  Not  using the fancy pants shredder  we have either, I like to destroy by my own hand. I turn into an unstoppable force!! Sometimes I even do a glossy pamphlet between two letters, I am that hardcore.

I didn’t want to disappoint here though, knowing you’re used to a certain level of drama and aggression from me so having had a really good day I  tried to make shredding correspondence as exciting and poetic as I could. You are welcome.


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