Oh,  the wind 

It’s blustery, whooshingly, utterly  gustilly out there right now. I worry about my greenhouse and hope that it’s holding up in this… The tomatoes probably getting a helluva shakeup… But that’s not what I came to write about. 

I just wanted to make a note here, huge success. It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction. … (if you heard the song reading that, bonus points and highfives to you) 

I have played my roles well today. I stayed at home,  got the last of the laundry done.  I cleaned the kitchen and made  a fantastic tea… (Which I put into the slow cooker as soon as I got up this morning) … I spent time playing a game with my girlfriend and even, as hard as it is to imagine… Had a conversation with mentalmum that didn’t make me feel guilty, sad or worried. 

I have taken my Obi out too, bit only “round the block” because earlier it was far far too hot… And later it was far too windy. He dislikes them both, poor baby. 

I have also been a good me to myself,  eaten enough, drank enough.. read some more of The Cursed Child. I’ve finished part one and I’m dying to stay up all and  finish part two…. But I won’t. I have a beloved allotment to go to tomorrow. I have a pond-area-plan and there might be a touch more painting to do, I will need to be well rested. 

Just sharing the mundane, not utterly fucking insane,  not so desperately depressing, hopeless miserable days. Today was a success. 


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