Walked my whippet. 
Weaved my willow, 
Through white picket 

That really was my day.  Lost obi’s ball but he had a great time anyway, he hadn’t had a run for a few days. Got to the allotment, me, Obi and daughter. I had a pond plan. .. Remember?.  Cleared  the side of the greenhouse where my border to what will one day be my beautiful cottage garden space lies… Instead of a fence last year I planted a Fedge…. Or at least I planted willow to one day grow into a Fedge,  (a living wall) so I was careful not to hurt that. Snipped, raked and all out yanked away grasses and weeds leaving only the willow in a nice row,  and rhubarb at the side of the greenhouse.  

Dismantled the two sided white picket Fence I made a few months ago and placed around the pond…. It was closing off my pond more than I envisioned which was the reason for this whole rethink.  I had to shorten it a little but after some diy and digging I placed the white picket fence  along the willow line, set it firmly into the ground and weaved the willow around, through and inside it. It looks good there and it will help to give the fedge structure and support for years while it develops. 

 Was very nice to have a peaceful day spent with my daughter without us ending up falling out. She’s a fourteen year old somewhere on the autistic spectrum. … I’m a thirty  two year old who belongs on a depression spectrum… We struggle often to get along. But today, was wonderfully peaceful and enjoyable. And that brings me my daily prompt…. Luxury

I brought home potatoes out of the ground,  knowing that I had grown them. Earthed them up, and up,  weeded them over and over and finally washed, cooked and ate them, just the once.   One luxury,  to be healthy enough to achieve that, to have a place to grow… To have the knowledge (not that growing spuds is technical),skill,  time. 

I watched my happy dog run in a safe, open space in silly circles without a goal or target in mind (once the ball was lost)  other than keeping me in sight, because mummy=treats and he knows it.  That’s a luxury for a lot of whippets which he mostly is,  or even  for a lot lurchers, bred for hunting or working or racing. Which he was,  by the way. .. I rescued him from someone who got him to use as a working dog … But thankfully (for my family) became too ill to train him (but not in a life threatening way). 

But I did it all with my daughter and for once we enjoyed each other’s company,  that’s the best  luxury to me. 


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