Days of nothing 

That’s  what I’ve had, yesterday and today. I’ve not even had real shoes on, I’ve stayed inside wearing fluffy slippers. I’ve had no desire to do anything or go anywhere. I think it’s largely due to the rain,  which I’m never a fan of being outside in it.   I thought about going to craft group yesterday, but I do have bouts of being extremely antisocial and not wanting to speak to people in person or see them at all of possible.  It’s not a part of me that I like to indulge for too long at any interval because there were years when I had no other option but to be indoors and only speak to people online, and they weren’t happy or healthy, but  I think it’s necessary that I have that switch-off  sometimes,  so I stayed inside. 

Nothing happened yesterday at all,  I slept until far later than I normally would,  had stomach ache for several hours but still don’t know why, actually watched airline safety videos on YouTube for about an hour…… You know how it is,  you see a post that sets you off on a tangent. Mostly I was watching the ones for Qantas  and Emirates because I’m flying with them both in January…That’s really all the day held. Super dull and boring, but needed. 

Today was a lot of the same to begin with but it changed when I called mentalmumny to check in. Long story short :more stories,  lies and drama. She came for  tea,  she left again… There was of course stress because…. Stories, lies, drama. But  I’m getting better and better at just brushing that shit off, I think. I’m trying at least… So I refuse to let this become about that, again! 

I think the point is,  tomorrow  I need to get out. Rain or shine,  whatever the weather,  I need to do something.  I’ve indulged in my solitary, avoid-the-worldness long enough this month. 


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