Slimy assassin!! 

Today was wonderful, not perfect but I’m going to sleep soon on a fairly high note and with good memories from the day. 

We got started a bit slower than usual…. Because my little pink shed needed a repair  that I could not, would not do myself, (it required being up a ladder and with my arse?  No chance)  my husband got drafted in to help me.  Things never start at my ideal speed when he’s coming, but I used the time wisely to have a real breakfast for a change…. Bacon sandwich, nom. Made him one too,  I’m not a monster!  He was happy. 

We set off out with PrinceObi and headed down to his favourite place for zoomies near the allotment. Just the three of us, daughter was stroppy and insisted on staying in.  He had his zoomies,  funfun. Lost his ball which seems to be his new game, but first he dropped it into some very splodgy water and watched husband fish it out with a throwing arm thing. Run, splash, jump,  he was happy. 

We got to my allotment where the whole place  was lovely and quiet, surprisingly. No sign of anyone when we arrived, we went to up to my plot and sorted stuff out. Got ladders and things sorted for husband  to do roof stuff, dippywhippet made himself comfortable on a deck chairs in the shady shed and I went to work around my pond once more. 

The whole allotment is an obsession really,  but within that,  for the last few days I’ve been pond obsessed. The thing is I’ve envisioned how I want that area now, and I will focus  on  that until I’ve done as much as I can to get it there, nature will have to chip in though.  The first thing I wanted to do just over a year ago when I got that plot was to have a wildlife pond, up at the back… Attract frogs and general wildlife. 

I am not in the best shape, and I’m not small so I know that people doubted my ability to do it.   I dug the pond,  recycled or upcycled  a plastic water tank that had been on my plot when I took it on… Cut off the side so I could have a wide,  square frame,  was given some pond liner, made sure to use sand too to avoid damage to the liner.. And I made a great pond that I’ve been pretty proud of. But people said I wouldn’t get frogs,  it was too deep (although I had put ledges in the sides),  and I hadn’t seen any tadpoles or spawn so I thought they were right. 

Nevertheless I like the pond and have ideas how to make it much better. Job one was to trim the grass around it and take out the bird bath I had in the centre so I was doing that today. After the bird bath  came out,  there was some reaching into the bottom to retrieve the base..Remember it’s pretty deep for a wildlife pond so that required my whole arm to be in there almost.  But I got it without any issues like encountering anything alive,  and went to work tidying the grasses around the edges. In the bottom right corner,  there are hard to reach areas because if the pear tree so to get the last untidy tuft I had to kneel under said tree, with my left hand on on the side of the pond and  my fingers  just in the water for a grip. It was working great and then I felt a weight on the back of that hand. I looked, there was what in the moment seemed like a GIANT KILLER  FROG! 

I almost fell into the pond,  or had heart attack…. Or,  had heart attack then fell into the pond. Either way it was clearly there to murder me and make it look like an accident!! 

I meant what I said,  I wanted frogs and wildlife  but I did not want them to announce themselves quite like that. I nearly wet myself!! I don’t do well with anything remotely slimy touching me. …   worms, slugs,  snails, Frogs,  caterpillars even though they aren’t slimy (it’s the way they move), all my mortal enemies when they touch me!! 

I love watching nature, and wildlife.  love gardening and I don’t ever want to harm a living creature so I always, almost always,  have gloves on but I was keeping them dry. ..because I was at that stage pretty fucking certain there was nothing in there to worry about!!! 

I am utterly thrilled to have frogs… So when my heart had calmed down and I hadn’t wet myself, I checked back on him,  or her, it was in the corner looking up at me… I snapped a few quick pictures.

 I was happy. 


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